Anti-Spam Policy DO NOT CONDONE SPAM and follows a zero tolerance to spam.

Subscriber information is only collected through our subscription service. We send email notifications about casino promotions and bonus offers from time to time.

Emails are never sent unsolicitadely. Only subscribers receive an email as long as they want to receive them. Subscribers can always unsubscribe from our email list. Unsubscription requests are done immediately without any delay.

Email informations of subscribers will never be made available to any third party.

To ensure the quality of our marketing practices, we require that our affiliates abide by these rules.
The affiliate understands that all communications must be consensual. No user on an affiliate list should ever have to unsubscribe from a list they did not intentionally subscribe to.

All of our affiliates are required to follow these guidelines:

  • Permission of new subscribers must be opt-in, before mailings commence.
  • There must be a simple method to unsubscribe from a mailing list.
  • Undeliverable addresses must be removed from future mailings.
  • Ensure that your lists are not used, sold, or shared for abusive purposes.


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